Betty introduces himself

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Betty introduces himself

„Don’t ask, what your larp can do for you, ask….“

Hi, i am Betty. I am slightly over 30 years old and i am originally from Mecklemburg-Vorpommern but now i am living in Northrine-Westfalia for over 10 years now. Contrary to many others i first started with larp and went from there to PnP and not the other way around. I like many different things… comics (mostly the ones i find in the pretty amazing comic-shelf of my girlfriend), movies, books (i simply love Sergeij Lukianenko), video-games (i have a not-so-little collection since my childhood. I momentarily play Nintendo-Switch and PS4), Card- and Boardgames (but i rarely get to play them) etc. But that’s not, what this is supposed to be about…

I started with larp in 2007 and was originally mainly into the fantasy-genre. I larped my first years mainly at the Drachenfest, little fantasy-larps, the Conquest of Mythodea and so on. After that i also got to different genres. I dabbled in post-apocalyptic larps, in zombie-apolaypses, pirate-style and i also know some steampunk. But only in recent years i discovered more extraordinary larp-concepts for me. For example a contemporary monster-hunter-academy with horror-slapstick, a superhero-shool like „Heroes“ or a Buffy-larp… to get me to want to play somewhere specific, it hast o be kind of not „normal“. Otherwise i am happy to play a NPC, but i do prefer charakterplay while fighting isn’t my forté.

Since 2009 i am also doing more and more background-work. I made many different things and also learned about the mechanisms that make larp work. Therefore i am attending the german larp-conference „Mittelpunkt“ each year since a few years back. I am madly in love with mini-larps, which are short scenarios, mostly without many props or preparing tob e done etc. They range mostly from 30 minutes till 5 hours and are absurd, funny, highly dramatic, bitter but every time a very intense experience.

I like to occupy myself and in detail with the mechanisms of larp. I don’t expect that others share my passion fort hat but i am happy if i can pass the knowledge i gained on so that others and myself can have more fun roleplaying. I am also excited, what larp can be, how divers the experiences can be. I hope to learn through this blog even more people and ways to larp and to be able to show them to you. I am allways open for suggestions, wishes etc. Feel free to contact me about one of my canals if you have something to say or want to know where my nickname comes from. 😉 From there we will see together what we make o fit.

Larpgeflüster is a community-project for me. I may be the executing organ, the voice, but it’s about what larp can be. And i am not larp, larp is all of us or what we make of it together. So let us explore together, what larp can be.

Betty out.

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